How to Commission a Portrait by Heather

sun&gluk hobbie white dog cat spaniel

The First Step

The first step in commissioning a portrait is a conversation to discuss the concept of the painting. The price of and expectations for the portrait are set at this time.

Heather requires an accurate depiction of your pet in order to capture its ‘personality’ in her painting. She prefers to meet your pet if possible and to take her own photographs. Otherwise, if she does not have the privilege of meeting your pet, several photographs will be required for the portrait.

Next ...

Heather has written a document detailing fully the steps needed to commission a portrait of your pet. The prices for the different options are included.

Gift Certificates

Contact Heather for a Gift Certificate.

Pastel As My Medium Of Choice

Pastel sticks are pure pigment in an infinite variety of colors ranging from soft and subtle to strong and brilliant. All top quality pastel brands are permanent when applied to conservation ground paper and properly framed. Pastel has no liquid binder that may darken, yellow, crack or blister with age. Pastels from the 16th Century exist today as fresh as the day they were first painted.


For further information or to book an appointment, please contact Heather Laws at 416-948-9236 or send an e-mail.