Heather Laws Portrait Artist

Commissioning A Portrait


An initial conversation is held between the artist and the client to discuss the concept of the portrait. This communication can be done in person, by telephone or by e-mail. This will determine the price of and set the expectations for the portrait. The size of the individual portrait, unless specified by the client, is the creative call of the artist.

Upon acceptance of the commission, a 30% deposit is required. The balance of the fee is due upon completion of the work by the artist and its acceptance by the client.

Framing is not included in the portrait price. However, framing services can be arranged by the artist at an additional cost. Shipping, packaging and crating costs are extra.


It is essential for the artist to have an accurate depiction of your pet, and to accurately capture its ‘personality’. The artist prefers to take her own photographs in this regard, and to meet with your pet whenever possible. Clients wishing to have the artist photograph their pet will contact the artist to arrange an appointment. Such photographic sessions will take a minimum of one hour, and often longer, so clients are encouraged to set aside a reasonable amount of time. A travel fee may apply depending on distance.

If the artist does not have the privilege of meeting your pet, then photographs, whether in digital format or otherwise, will be required for the portrait. Such photographs can be taken by the client himself or herself, or retrieved from the client’s personal archives if the animal is deceased.

Photographs submitted by the client must be clear and show adequate detail. If the client is providing photographs taken by a professional photographer, written permission must also be obtained so as not to violate copyright laws. There is usually a one-time usage fee charged by the photographer for such permission. Any such fee is the responsibility of the client.

If the client is uncertain of the adequacy of the quality of the photographs, they may be forwarded to the artist who will, at her discretion, make a determination of their suitability. If you require any information or assistance on how to take your photos, please feel free to contact the artist directly.


All pricing is based in Canadian Dollars.

Please contact the artist to discuss portrait options and current pricing

Gift Certificates are available upon request at no extra charge.


Upon receipt of your 30% deposit, your commission will be put into the queue. Lead times vary depending on the time of year. Please contact the artist for an estimated completion date.

If you have an important occasion for which you will need the portrait, please communicate this to the artist during the initial conversation. While the artist will endeavor to complete your portrait in a timely fashion she must retain ultimate control over the creative process.


The word ‘pastel’ does not refer to ‘pale colors’, as such term is commonly used in the cosmetic and fashion venues. Pastel is pure pigment, and is the same pigment used in all fine art paints. It has an infinite variety of colors, and ranges from soft and subtle to strong and brilliant.

The pure, powdered pigment is grounded into a paste, mixed with a small amount of gum binder and then rolled into sticks. All top quality pastel brands are permanent when applied to conservation ground paper and properly framed. Pastel has no liquid binder that may darken, yellow, crack or blister with age. Pastels from the 16th Century exist today as fresh as the day they were first painted.